4 ‘Racing Tipster Freebies’ Available Now

If you are a horse racing fan, you might well feel a little bit left out lately with so much focus on the start of the new football season and the release of our ‘Essential Football Betting Compendium’.

Yet in actual fact, there is so much going on for Secret Betting Club members who like a bet on Horse Racing including some fantastic new free tipsters and our Britain’s Got Tipsters contest, that it is well worth a full update today.

1. Free Racing Tips Via Email From Jason James

All Tips From Jason James Racing

Jason is an excellent racing tipster with fantastic pedigree as since October 2014 he has put up 1499 bets and made a 581 pt profit at a ROI of 16.14% (view more at the Racing Proofing website).

Since July 2015, Jason has been posting all his tips on the SBC forum and from today is also sending them via email to SBC members each morning. As an SBC member you can now follow all of his advice for free – an offer certainly not to be missed!

2. Free Racing Tips From Cromwell Racing

All Tips From Cromwell Racing Consultants

We regularly invite expert tipsters to prove themselves by posting their tips on the SBC Forum, which is exactly what the guys over at Cromwell Racing Consultants have agreed to do throughout August and hopefully beyond.

They come highly recommended with a year of profitable tipping behind them and are currently being tracked by us ahead of a full SBC review.

Since the 3rd August they have tipped up a string of winners via the SBC forum, culminating in the winner ‘Gworn’ yesterday which won at an advised 6/1. So far their stats read: 18 bets, £810 staked and £474 profit to a ROI of 58.52%.

As an SBC member you can follow each of their tips every day via the SBC Forum.

3. Free Tips From The ‘Britain’s Got Tipsters’ Contest

Top 4 up 15.21% ROI from 946 tips

Back in June we launched our unique Britain’s Got Tipsters contest to try and find the best as-yet-undiscovered racing tipster expert, with the prize of a contract to supply tips to SBC members for the eventual winner.

SBC members can follow each of the 10 contestants remaining in the contest and all of their daily tips via our forum and already a few of them are performing very well indeed.

Here are the current top 4 tipsters who between them have put up 946 tips, made 89.3 pts profit and all at a ROI of 15.21%.

Britains Got Tipsters Update

You can follow all the tips from each tipster in the contest until its conclusion at the end of September all via the SBC Forum. To help you keep track of the best tipsters, you can also find weekly updated spreadsheets and tables for each of the contestants.

4. Free Two Week Trial From Northern Monkey

The Northern Monkey is without doubt one of the most popular racing tipsters amongst SBC members and it’s easy to see why. It’s a supremely easy to follow service with first class customer service, all of which combined with the 12.1 ROI generated since February 2010 on their bets, makes it a firm SBC member favourite.

Best of all, SBC members can now sign-up at anytime to enjoy a free 2 week trial with them as part of the many Tipster Savings we negotiate on their behalf.

We highlighted this trial offer at the end of June, which was particularly good timing as the service enjoyed a fantastic July, with a 44 pt profit (46.7% ROI) from 107 bets advised in July.

With a profit banked in each of the last 4 months, the service is bang in form and certainly one to check-out!
All Available To You As An SBC Member

All of the above is now available to you as a Secret Betting Club member as part of our quest to help YOU make money from your betting.

6 Steps To Football Betting Profits

To help you with your punting this football season, I have put together an easy to follow guide featuring 6 simple steps to achieving BETTER football betting profits.

Each of the 6 steps is based on advice supplied by the football experts interviewed in our recently released ‘Essential Football Betting Compendium‘ – the same experts with proven track records beating the bookies. Suffice to say, they know what they are talking about!

It is by no means a definitive guide (you will need the Compendium for that!) but its full of salient and logical advice that will keep you on the profit straight and narrow this season.

Football Compendium Guide


“Allow yourself a disciplined betting bank, follow the staking advice, and keep faith through the good and the bad patches” – Phil Brown, Football Bets

It is absolutely vital to always make sure that you have set up a proper, standalone betting bank containing the funds you need for your betting. Do not mix this with the money you need to pay bills or for day to day living. The secret to successful betting is discipline, and doing this will set you on the right path from the moment you place your very first bet of the new season.

Not only that, but there will be periods of the season when you’ll hit a few losers. Perhaps more than a few at times. It’s vital you see those bad streaks out, so make sure you sort out that betting bank, and keep the faith in those you’ve chosen to follow. Remember, all our recommended tipsters have proven themselves over the long term and come with betting bank suggestions to help you absorb the bad runs when they come (and not go overboard during the good runs!)


“There are always going to be certain types of teams in certain types of situations that are almost always going to be underbet by the masses and hence a value price. That is my general philosophy to betting in these leagues – I am the proverbial “suncream in winter” buyer!” – Matt Love, Football Elite

Winning bettors don’t look for winners. They look for value. It is value that provides your profit. Sure, backing Man United at home against the bottom team will give you a winner more likely than not, but do this every week at the wrong prices, and you’ll lose money.

This might mean you have to go against the crowd and place a bet no-one else seems to be – yet often that might just be what makes you successful.


“If you’re following a tipster, stick with it for the full season. Trying to switch it all around due to temporary losing streaks won’t lead to better results.” – Mike, Football Value

There is such a temptation to ditch a tipster when they go through a losing streak. Don’t. Form is temporary and class permanent. And you need to remember this and not fall into this very common trap.

This is why the tipsters we recommend are proven, long-term winners and we don’t react to shorter periods of bad form. When a losing run hits, you will be comforted by the fact you can look at the service’s excellent results over many years betting. You will see they have experienced and worked their way through similar bad patches in the past and that they know what they are doing.

So when you’ve settled on a tipster, make sure you give him the time to make you money. Stick with him, and reap the rewards.

Fink Tank Service


“…diversification is key and will always remain key if trying to make a profit long-term at this game… Spread the risk across different leagues and different systems/tipsters” –Graeme Dand, The Football Analyst

A golden rule of betting is to never put all of your precious eggs into just the one basket. Put yourself into a situation where if a tipster specialising in one field is struggling, then a tipster specialising in another can balance things out.

Of course that is all very well, but surely finding one great tipster is difficult enough, never mind identifying a number of them!?!

Well, it’s not difficult if you know where to look. We currently have 15 football tipsters that we have proofed, analysed, reviewed and monitored. These include ratings-based tipsters, and tipsters who specialise in one of Italian, Spanish, South American, Scottish, and UK Non-League football, amongst others. So spread the risk and boost your profits.


“..get the best possible price for your wager using [an] odds comparison service…” – Ross Casey, Easyodds

Don’t take odds of 11/10 against your fancy when you can get 5/4. It may be small margins, but over a season, these differences will add up and make a big difference to your bottom line.

There are many odds comparison sites out there, and it is a simple task to open accounts with different bookmakers and betting exchanges. Don’t be loyal to a bookie just because its easy – it might cost you! Shop around and play the market for the best odds.

Plus, as an SBC member, we have special offers with the likes of Smarkets (unique low 1% commission deal) and several reviews of various Bet Brokers who can help you get better odds. Every little helps…


Best of all, for genuine advice and expertise, make sure you sign-up for a Secret Betting Club membership as we firmly believe we can help you make your betting a success.

Whether you are a relative newcomer or time-served gambler, we have something to suit you – tipsters, systems, strategies, expert interviews…you name it – we feature it!

And if you liked the steps above, you can find a lot more to help your football punting with our 6 part new season betting compendium – available to access and download the instant you join us.

So why not try us out today risk free with our 100% money back guarantee and see how we can help you.